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Here's an exclusive interview with the developer of Montague's Mount

"The game's set on an Irish island off Ireland."

If you were at Rezzed back in June, you might have caught a glimpse of Montague's Mount. It's a rather gloomy exploration game that sees you waking up on a mysterious island - without eight of your favourite records, alas - and then trying to piece together what's happened.

It all sounds very atmospheric, and if you like wandering about and solving puzzles while a slow-burning narrative works its oily magic, this is probably your sort of thing. In which case, good news: Ian Higton caught up with Matthew Clifton, the game's lead developer, and he's put together a lovely interview that provides a few more details on this atmospheric first-person game.

Montague's Mount is well into its final few months of development, and Polypusher Studios has a Steam Greenlight page up and running here. The finished game will be out for PC, Mac and Linux.

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Montague's Mount


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