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Let's Play Montague's Mount

A creepy Irish first-person adventure by a one-man band.

You can't move for dark first-person narrative adventure games from indie studios at the minute. Something to do with the viral success of Slender and the critical plaudits heaped on Dear Esther, perhaps - as well as the fact that you can put a story-based game together without having to draw your lead character. Bonus!

Montague's Mount is the latest; it's the story of an amnesiac waking on a rural Irish beach littered with dead bodies - "a first-person rollercoaster ride through isolation, desolation and one man's tortured mind," according to the press release. It's by Irish studio Polypusher - really just one man, Matt Clifton - and will be released on GOG, Get Games and GamersGate on October 9th. You can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Clifton's adding Oculus Rift support, which you should be able to try when the game appears at next week's Eurogamer Expo.

Our YouTube guru Ian got the chance to try the demo build and you can watch him play from the start of the game below in an exclusive Let's Play. It's more of a first-person rollercoaster ride through foghorns, songs about a compass and one man's tortured attempt to solve just one bloody puzzle, but still, intriguing stuff.

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