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Molyneux to top the bill at GDC 09

Lionhead secrets set to be revealed.

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Peter Molyneux is set to deliver a keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next year.

His speech will be titled 'Lionhead Experiments Revealed'. It's part of the Game Design track, so presumably 'experiments' refers to drawing dogs with computers, rather than putting grapes in microwaves and that sort of thing.

Harmonix's Dan Teasdale will also be there to talk about Rock Band, while Jonathan Morin from Ubisoft will discuss Far Cry 2's level design.

Other speakers will include Caryl Shaw from Maxis, talking about Spore, and Bungie's Allen Murray.

GDC 09 will take place at the Moscone Center from 23rd - 27th March. Eurogamer will be there, bringing you all the latest news direct from the show floor. And sometimes a hotel near where all the tramps live.

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