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Modder makes GameCube Joy-Cons - and they work perfectly with a Nintendo Switch

Drift by.

A highly-skilled modder has made an impressive set of GameCube Joy-Cons that work perfectly with a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo hardware modder Shank Mods uploaded a video showing off the GameCube Joy-Cons, and detailed the ardious creation process.

Shank Mods, a self-confessed "avid" Super Smash Bros. player and GameCube controller "snob", took a set of real Joy-Cons, tore them down to their bare components, put them in a GameCube controller, and wired buttons and sticks to the Joy-Cons' board.

Getting the whole thing to work was an enormous effort that took several months, as well as plenty of 3D-printing. It's well worth watching the video below to see what went into the project. Shank Mods used a WaveBird wireless controller as the shell - fortunately, the WaveBird centre body is exactly the same height as a Nintendo Switch. It's almost like Nintendo wanted someone to do this.

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Shank Mods then cut the WaveBird in half and went to work on the gubbins - including mounting rails so it slides and clicks on a Switch.

The end result is GameCube Joy-Cons that have everything real Joy-cons do, including wireless functionality. They use real GameCube controller parts so they feel authentic. And with real Joy-Con hardware inside there's complete functionality and compatibility with all Nintendo Switch games, as well as HD rumble, gyro and amiibo support. Shank Mods made a centrepiece, too, if you want to use the Joy-Cons just like an original GameCube controller.

"The only time these sticks drift is when I'm playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe," Shank Mods said. Burn!

It sounds like making these controllers was very difficult and time consuming, and Shank Mods does not recommend the project for beginners.

"These JoyCons are real, but they are not for sale," Shank Mods said. "They were a pain to make, and I will not be making another set."

So, sit back and admire - of, if you're feeling ambitious, give it a go yourself.

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