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MMO Huxley finally gets Western publisher

NHN doing PC honours this year.

NHN USA has picked up the US and (Western) European publishing rights to Huxley.

This is the ambitious MMO shooter in development for PC and Xbox 360, with the desktop version said to launch in the US before the year is out; the console version is expected roughly six months after launch. A European date is still under wraps.

Huxley PC will live the Ijji web portalM, where you can download game clients, buy items, keep up to date with leaderboards and that sort of thing.

Worryingly, the only title we recognised on there was Gunz, a basic MMO shooter we tried and tired of a year ago.

Webzen is the developer behind Huxley, which first popped up back at E3 2005 before it slipped off the radar almost entirely.

Huxley is due out in South Korea sometime this summer.

Head over to our Huxley gamepage for some footage of it in action.