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Mirror's Edge DLC adds Time Trial maps

Arrives with PC version in January.

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DICE has prepared the first batch of downloadable content for Mirror's Edge, in the shape of some stylised and very pretty Time Trial maps.

EA also sends word that the PC version of Mirror's Edge will release here on 16th January 2009.

The nine Time Trial maps, due to arrive in late January, will cost 800 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60), or USD 10 (GBP 7) from the PlayStation Store. The UK price is likely to be cheaper than that, but there's no specific word yet.

Also, PlayStation 3 owners will be treated to an extra, exclusive map.

The new levels, which can be seen in action over on Eurogamer TV, present floating clusters of brightly coloured shapes, devoid of any texture. It's as if DICE has stripped away the pretence of city and story and focused on what the free-running first-person action game does best.

Pink, blue and red blotches mix with white to produce giant, eye-catching playgrounds Faith needs to pick her path through and race across in order to notch up the best time.

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