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Mirror's Edge demo today on PSN

And tomorrow on Xbox Live.

EA and DICE have announced that the Mirror's Edge demo trailed last month will be released today, 30th October, on PlayStation Network and tomorrow, 31st October, on Xbox Live.

As we already know, the demo consists of prologue, tutorial and a bit of the single-player game, and if you've pre-ordered the game or obtained a code in a competition (such as 1UP's), you will also be able to access a time trial mission, and then upload fastest times and download ghost laps from your friends.

Mirror's Edge is a first-person shooter without guns. In fact, it's better described as a platform game, in which players take control of rooftop messenger Faith in a utopian society that frowns on such things, and have to gallivant around free-running with context-sensitive first-person controls.

Across several "colour us excited" previews, DICE has been applauded for clever things like the use of the colour red to guide the player's movements. But we've always been kept at arm's length by representatives, so haven't had a chance to get properly hands-on.

You have though, since the game was also playable at this week's Eurogamer Expo. Did you go down? What did you think of Mirror's Edge? We're hearing mixed things.

The full game is due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 14th November. There's no word on the PC version's release date except "winter". Look out for our review a few days before the game's release. We'll also let you know when PSN is updated with today's releases, including the demo.

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