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Microsoft Store spills Yakuza: Like a Dragon for Xbox Game Pass

Ahead of Microsoft's E3 show.

The E3 leaks keep on coming: this time it's Yakuza: Like a Dragon for Xbox Game Pass.

Confirmation comes from a snapshot of Yakuza: Like a Dragon's listing on the Brazilian Microsoft Store. There was mention of "included with Game Pass" for accompanying content. It looks like this reference to Game Pass was swiftly removed, but not before Twitter user @pedroxbz noticed.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's Yakuza: Like a Dragon launched in Japan for PlayStation 4 in January 2020, before coming out internationally in November that year on multiple platforms. It was a launch title for Xbox Series X and S. It came out on PlayStation 5 four months later, in March.

"Like a Dragon pulls off an impressive JRPG makeover while simultaneously taking on all the flaws of the genre," reads Eurogamer's review.

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon joins Back 4 Blood as likely Xbox Game Pass announcements for Microsoft's E3 show, which is set for 6pm UK time on Sunday.