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Microsoft says Sky Player is fixed

Should be available to everyone now.

Microsoft reckons Sky Player should now be available to every Xbox 360 owner in the UK.

"As you may know we have been implementing a gradual rollout of the Sky Player on Xbox 360 service since our initial launch," a statement issued late last week explained, following the decision to suspend the service when it launched in late October after it was crippled by unexpected demand on day one.

"As of today, 100 per cent of the Xbox base can access Sky Player, and tens of thousands of new users are accessing the service daily," it continued.

"The quality of the service remains of the utmost importance to both Sky and Xbox, and as such we will run further testing over the weekend and continue to monitor the service closely."

Sky Player allows Xbox 360 owners to watch Sky television, including movie channels and Premier League football on Sky Sports, for a fee over and above their Xbox Live Gold subscription.