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Microsoft offering Halo 4 warrior avatars for watching political debates

Because why else would you watch them?

Master Chief for president!

In case one doesn't care about their country's future, they just might care about exclusive Xbox avatars. At least that's what going on in the US where Microsoft is offering a Halo 4 warrior avatar to anyone who watches at least three out of four presidential debates on Xbox Live's Election 2012 channel.

Each debate runs about 90 minutes, but you need only watch 30 minutes of each to claim your reward, if that's all you care about.

The avatars will be the same regardless of what party you vote for, because the last thing we need is for the online competitive space to get even more heated.

The debates will air on the following dates at 6 p.m. PST / 9 p.m. EST:

  • 3rd October
  • 11th October
  • 16th October
  • 22nd October