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Microsoft says it's officially done making new Xbox One games

Has now "moved on to Gen 9".

Two and a half years after the launch of its Xbox Series X/S consoles, Microsoft has officially said goodbye the previous generation, with Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty now confirming no internal development team is working on new titles for Xbox One.

Booty shared the news in conversation with Axios, revealing all 23 of Microsoft's internal Xbox studios - aside from those specifically working on support for ongoing games like Minecraft and Sea of Thieves - have now "moved on to Gen 9".

Despite that shift in focus, Booty says the company still plans to "maintain support" for Xbox One by making its Gen 9 titles - that is, games designed specifically for Xbox Series X/S - playable on the older platform via its cloud streaming technology.

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It's an approach Microsoft began taking in March last year when it made developer Asobo's stunning Flight Simulator available to Xbox One players via Xbox Cloud Gaming - and it's continued to expand its first-party streaming line-up with other Gen 9-only titles, including the likes of Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush, since then.

Xbox Game Studios' shift to Xbox Series X/S has been long anticipated, of course, but it's only recently started to manifest in Microsoft's release line-up. The company's remaining 2023 titles - namely Forza Motorsport and Starfield - are both forgoing Xbox One in favour of Series X/S and PC, and that trend continues into 2024 and beyond, when first-party games including Avowed, Hellblade 2, and the new Fable are set to make their eagerly awaited debut.

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