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Microsoft cautious on Windows 8 success: "we realise that change takes time"

100 million licenses sold, 250 million Windows Store downloads.

Six months on from the launch of Microsoft's much-hyped Windows 8, the company remains modest of the operating system's success.

Microsoft previously described its new tile-based OS as a "big, ambitious change". Today, chief marketing officer and chief financial officer Tami Reller explained that "change takes time".

In a new round of statistics released by the company, Microsoft revealed that 100 million copies of Windows 8 have now been bought, up from the 60 million announced in January. But this is a figure that merges the licenses sold directly to consumers with those acquired in bulk by PC manufacturers.

You've probably seen this advert more than once.

250 million Windows Store downloads have been recorded - a figure that also includes the many free utilities and games available.

And 2400 devices are now "certified" for Windows 8 and its more portable brother Windows RT - although how many of these are in use is another matter.

"We feel good about the progress since launch," Reller said, "including what we've been able to accomplish with the ecosystem and customer reaction to the new PCs and tablets that are available now or will soon come to market."

Reller also discussed Windows Blue, the upcoming Windows 8.1 update that is rumoured to re-introduce the iconic Start button and allow PCs to be booted directly into the classic-style Windows desktop.

"[Blue] will deliver the latest new innovations across an increasingly broad array of form factors of all sizes, display, battery life and performance, while creating new opportunities for our ecosystem.

"The Windows Blue update is also an opportunity for us to respond to the customer feedback that we've been closely listening to since the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT," Reller concluded.

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