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Metroid's Ridley is getting the amiibo treatment for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

As is Daisy.

Following the earth-rending megaton that was Ridley's reveal as a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch, Nintendo has announced that he'll be getting his own amiibo too.

Ridley's amiibo is one of three new amiibo announced as part of Nintendo's Smash Bros Ultimate info blitz, the others being a new Ink Girl variant, and an amiibo based on the Daisy model debuted during the company's E3 Direct.

Ridley, pictured above alongside the new Ink Girl design, looks fantastic in amiibo form. Unfortunately, Nintendo is keeping Daisy's amiibo pose a secret for the time being.

Ridley will launch alongside Super Smash Bros Ultimate on December 7th, but Ink Girl and Daisy have yet to receive a release date.

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