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Metal Gear Solid on PSN this week

Portable Ops, Peace Walker to follow.

Konami has announced the arrival of Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation Store this Thursday, 19th November.

It was this PSone game that took the series 3D and established Hideo Kojima's creations as some of the best in the world. Metal Gear Solid will cost £7.99.

Following Metal Gear Solid will be MGS: Portable Ops, MGS: Portable: Ops+ and MGS: Digital Graphic Novel.

The idea is for Konami to build some serious Metal Gear Solid momentum ahead of MGS: Peace Walker's release sometime next year.

That PSP game, remember, is being overseen by Hideo Kojima himself, and has, among other things, four-player co-op.

There's much more information on the gamepage below.