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Metal Gear Online PC emerges from beta to full launch

Offers free 3000 Gear points if you play this week.

Metal Gear Online, the competitive online component of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, has officially launched on PC, Konami has confirmed.

Previously it was available in beta form.

"We took in a lot of feedback and made a few key adjustments. After some initial hiccups we're going forward guns at the ready," the publisher stated in a Steam update. "However that doesn't mean we've stopped development, quite the contrary. Just like the previously released console versions of MGO, we'll be integrating new updates to the game to improve the experience and add content."

Those who give MGO a go between now and 26th January will receive a bonus 3000 Gear Points, which can be used to customise your character's clothes.

Metal Gear Online originally launched in October, though it got off to a rocky start. Our Aoife Wilson found The Phantom Pain's online modes showed promise, though their instability, lack of host-migration upon disconnects, and community that didn't understand the rules really put a damper on things. Despite these issues, I found its stealth-based Cloak & Dagger mode a riot.