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Konami apologises for Metal Gear Online's poor launch stability

Rewards players with extra XP and GP.

Metal Gear Online, the competitive online component of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, had something of a troubled launch last week.

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This really soured Aoife's opinion of Kojima Production's PvP game, but Konami has assured us that a fix has been issued with further improvements to follow.

"We hereby apologise sincerely for the connection, as well as matching stability issues recurring since the MGO service started, that may have caused inconveniences," the publisher stated on its Japanese site before noting that "the service is currently stable."

To compensate players for their troubles, Konami has distributed 3000GP to all players and the XP Boost bonus (redeemed via code for the Day One Edition or bundled with digital copies) has been extended from two weeks to three.

"We will continue to improve so that your experience is more pleasant," Konami added. It's unclear if that means it will fix other issues like the game's lack of host migration. Right now, if the host leaves, the game ends and everyone gets booted with nothing to gain from it.

While Metal Gear Online certainly has its issues, I've been having a grand time with its stealth-based Cloak & Dagger mode. I put in at least six hours with it last week and it's so much fun that I haven't even tried the other two modes.

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