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Meta Quest+ is a new VR games subscription service launching today

Gives access to two new titles a month.

If you're a VR fan and desperate for yet another subscription service to sign up to, you're in luck! Meta has announced - and launched - Meta Quest+, a new subscription package promising access to "the best titles" on its virtual reality platforms.

Meta Quest+ isn't quite the Game Pass or PlayStation Plus Extra-style smorgasbord you might be envisaging, however; instead, it'll give subscribers access to two "handpicked VR titles" each month from a selection of Quest's "biggest hits, hidden gems, and back-catalog classics".

Meta Quest+ is available to Quest 2 and Quest Pro users, and costs £7.99/$7.99 USD a month or £59.99/$59.99 annually - a savings of over 37%, Meta notes. Curious sorts can get their first month's subscription for £1/$1 as long as they sign up before 31st July.

Pistol Whip kicks off Meta Quest+ and is very good, as Ian here will show you.Watch on YouTube

Meta's first two subscription offerings are Cloudhead Games' rhythm-FPS Pistol Whip and Arvore Immersive Experiences' arcade adventure Pixel Ripped 1995. August's already announced titles are "uniquely compelling social VR experience" Walkabout Mini Golf, from developer Mighty Coconut, and Mothergunship: Forge from Terrible Posture Games.

Once redeemed, these - and all future Meta Quest+ titles - can be played for as long as a subscription persists (it can be cancelled at any time), and access will resume should a user decide to continue a lapsed subscription at a later date.

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