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Meat Boy dev unveils new PC adventure

The Binding of Isaac out next month.

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Edmund McMillen, one half of Super Meat Boy creator Team Meat, has announced an extracurricular project – retro PC adventure The Binding of Isaac.

As discussed on his blog, the game "is a roguelike shooter based on the dungeon structure of Zelda (NES). At its core it controls like Smash TV/Robotron in a randomly generated semi RPG world filled with power-ups, items and special abilities."

The game presently has six dungeons spanning three chapters, though McMillen added "in the end we hope to top out at eight dungeons with 10+ bosses and 42 enemy types."

There'll also be four unlockable characters, over 70 special items and "tons of dynamic happenings". Super Meat Boy/Canabalt composer Danny Baranowsky is penning the soundtrack.

You'll be able to download the finished product on Steam sometime in August. In the meantime, whet your appetite with the selection of screens below.

As announced last month, Team Meat recently upped-tools on its follow-up to vicious platforming sensation Super Meat Boy.

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