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Mass Effect Infiltrator, Datapad iOS games incoming

Recieve texts from your Mass Effect 3 crewmates.

Mass Effect 3 will be supported by two iOS apps, BioWare has revealed. Mass Effect Infiltrator is a third-person shooter, while Mass Effect Datapad allows players to stay in touch with their crewmates on-the-go.

Both games will boost players' Galactic Readiness rating through Mass Effect 3's Galaxy at War metagame.

Infiltator sees players freeing prisoners from hostile Cerberus bases and uncovering evidence of the group's misdeeds. It's coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

You get to use weapons and Biotic powers from the main series, and each successful mission rewards players with Galactic Readiness score.

Datapad looks like it'll be for iPads only, meanwhile. Datapad allows you to keep track of Mass Effect's galaxy map and, in a mini-game, strategically deploy troops to fend off Reaper incursions.

You can also recieve text messages from game characters, Kotaku reports. Can you flirt with your romance option? The mind boggles.

Want to get the best ending in Mass Effect 3? You'll need a tip-top Galactic Readiness rating before the final push against the baddie Reapers.

The full Mass Effect 3 launches 9th March in Europe.

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