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Mass Effect composer explains ME3 split

Jack Wall: It was "time to move on".

Earlier today we learned that Requiem For a Dream composer Clint Mansell is scoring Mass Effect 3, taking over from series mainstay Jack Wall. Why the change? Well, it was just time to move on, Wall has revealed.

In an email to Eurogamer, Wall confirmed that the split was entirely amicable, and wished the studio well with the forthcoming sequel to its sci-fi RPG saga.

"I have had a great relationship with the folks at BioWare having done three games with them. We're all still very good friends, so nothing dramatic," he explained.

"I think it was just time for a change. I'm so proud of the work I've done on the ME franchise and I so appreciate the kind words about those scores from people like yourself.

"It was just time to move on. I'm working on some very exciting projects and look forward to when I can announce them, but also very much wish the dev team at BioWare all the best on ME3."

Wall has a long history in the game music biz, stretching all the way back to SegaSoft's forgotten 1998 PC shooter Vigilance. Other scores on his CV include Myst III, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Jade Empire and the first two Mass Effect games.