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Mass Effect 3 Vault console armour DLC details

Dress up your console, get multiplayer gear.

Mass Effect 3's chunky Vault console casing allows you to dress your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 in Commander Shepard's battle armour. It also comes with free Mass Effect 3 "DLC".

We knew this already, but now the nature of this extra in-game content is clear.

Far from being exclusive missions or spoilerific squad-mates, the Vault's "Reinforcement Packs" instead offer gamers more of the randomly selected upgrade packs that everyone can buy in the game's co-op mode.

As seen in the Mass Effect 3 demo, multiplayer progress awards players with coins. You can then spend these coins on various levels of upgrade packs that contain new character classes, weapons and health consumables.

Like a pack of Pokémon cards, the contents of each are entirely random. Some items are common, others are uncommon. Some are rare. None are holographic/"shiny".

This means that people who don't wish to buy the Vault armour (£69.99 by the way) should not be missing out on anything. Sigh of relief.

The Mass Effect 3 Vault casing does however provide increased airflow for your console, achieved by "lifting it off of the ground". The N7 logo also lights up.

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