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Mass Effect 3 has same-sex romances

Who will be the male option?

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Unlike straight-as-an-arrow Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 will embrace same-sex romances.

There won't be new characters to fall in love with and entice into your cabin, however - only the faces you've met previously.

"Happy to confirm Mass Effect 3 supports wider options for love interests including same-sex for male and female characters, reactive to how you interact with them in-game," confirmed Mass Effect overlord Casey Hudson on Twitter.

(Do not read on if you're painstakingly avoiding spoilers.)

Hudson expanded on the topic of Mass Effect 3 romance talking with PC Gamer.

"We're not introducing any new characters that are going to be love interests. There's some new characters, but generally it's going to be the interplay between the characters from 2 and the returning ones from 1, and then Liara as the one that's... either asexual or omnisexual, depends on how you look at it," explained Hudson.

"If you had a Mass Effect 1 romance and you didn't have a Mass Effect 2 romance, so you stay true to the character from the first game, there's a scene where you look at the picture of that character and that's essentially the romance scene in Mass Effect 2.

"When people realised that we were thinking about that kind of thing, and that we were going to reflect those kinds of decisions, it's like wow, the game actually knows that I didn't cheat on my Mass Effect 1 love interest.

"If it knows that," he added, "then it probably knows other stuff that it will reflect. Then that means I need to think about that stuff [when] talking to characters and making decisions and the like."

Who will the male same-sex love option be?

Mass Effect 1 famously proffered Asari female Liara forwards as a potential lesbian partner. Other BioWare games Dragon Age 1 and Dragon Age 2 also embraced same-sex romance paths. Mass Effect 2, however, did not.

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