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Mary Portas slams GAME for doing its job

UPDATE: Portas and GAME kiss and make up.

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UPDATE: Mary Queen of Shops and GAME boss Ian Shepherd have had a natter and it seems they're best of friends.

"spoke to CEO of GAME. Impressive and bright. Agreed good customer service is worth fighting for and how tough the regulations they face are," Portas tweeted.

And, soon after, "FYI spoke to @queenofshops - age verification issues all understood, and we clearly share her commitment to great service," Shepherd tweeted.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mary Portas, the self-proclaimed Mary Queen of Shops, took to social website Twitter to vent her frustration at shop GAME for refusing to sell a 15+ rated game to her 17 year-old son without proper identification.

Telly star Mary Portas' show takes on large UK shops and their customer service – but this time her anger seemed misplaced.

Her son was recommended three videogames rated 15+ by shop floor staff at GAME's Oxford Circus, London branch but, once at the counter, staff refused to sell them to him because he didn't have adequate ID.

His attempt to use an Oyster card as proof was turned down – only legally recognised forms of ID, such as driving licenses and passports, are valid.

"STILL holding on after 8mins to spk to a human at GAME Ox st where they refused to sell my 17 yr son a 15 + game. Now they've cut me off," read her first tweet.

"So now the mngr of GAME has hung up on me after another 10min phone wait. I believe Ian Shepherd is the CEO. Are you out there? Want to talk," read the second.

"HIs 16 plus Oyster card. Plus the sales asst advised these games for him. The cashier then said no," was the response to a follower question.

"He did provide proof with his photo and name on his 16+ Oyster card!"

"Said son has returned to GAME with passport and attitude. GO son!"

Portas' tweets then called on GAME CEO Ian Shepherd to get in touch with her to discuss her son's issue. If only we could all command such attention.

"@IanAShepherd Son and I had rotten attitude from your shop today. Want to discuss. Shall we do by email?"

Then, in a revealing tweet: "he doesn't have a licence! He is 17. How many kids go out with their passport. We are not talking drink, but a 15plus video!"

That prompted GAME PR manager Neil Ashurst to get involved. "@neilashurst great. Let's speak monday. How's best?"

"He's gone back with passport to prove and speak to the manager as he didn't ask to see her first time. I am training him! Takes time!"

And finally: "My son did have valid I.D. They would not accept it. End of"

Eurogamer delved deep into the age-ratings debate last year with a special episode of the EGTV Show that explored how seriously the industry takes the issue of protecting children, from development through to retail.

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