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Marvel's Midnight Suns contains "65,000 lines of voice dialogue"

"...and, gosh, more branching choices than you could imagine."

Firaxis' Marvel's Midnight Suns contains "something like 65,000 lines of voice dialogue".

In a "special message from Firaxis" posted to YouTube, the team outlined their favourite aspects of the upcoming tactical role playing game, and it included confirmation that there'll be a lot of cut-scenes and conversations as you foster relationships with your teammates.

Let’s Go! - Special Message From Firaxis | Marvel's Midnight Suns.Watch on YouTube

"I think we ended up with something like 65,000 lines of voiced dialogue, over two hours of cinematics, and, gosh, more branching choices than you could imagine," lead engineer Will Miller said in the interview (thanks, PC Gamer).

You can watch the full interview above and meet some of the people bringing the game to life. Although brief, it's a fascinating insight into how the team itself feels about the game, including more details about the design, combat, and cinematics, too.

"Reader: so far I am loving this," Donlan wrote of his experience with the game thus far. "The flow is pure XCOM, but the details are new and delightful. It's as quippy and colourful as a Marvel comic, and as dense and interconnected as the best that Firaxis can offer. I can't wait to play more."

Marvel's Midnight Suns is out on 2nd December and is set to come to PC, Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.