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Marvel's Avengers campaign mission list, length and rewards explained: How long is the Avengers campaign?

Every mission outlined in the Avengers campaign, their unlocks, and how long to complete them all.

Marvel's Avengers is designed from the ground-up as a 'live service' game, with replayable missions and new characters in the months following launch.

As well as co-operative multiplayer, loot drops and Exotic gear to find, there's also a full campaign, introducing to Square Enix's take on the Marvel universe.

The campaign is designed to ease you into each of the six starting characters, with hero-specific missions, cutscenes and boss battles. Then, once you're done, you'll be headed into weekly and repeatable missions, increasing your power level to take on end-game challenges.

Though you can jump straight to that right away from the main menu as part of the Avengers Initiative mode, the campaign comes with a unique reward to make it worthwhile.

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Marvel's Avengers campaign mission list, unlocks and rewards

Below is a list of every campaign mission you need to complete in order to reach the end-game, and the unlocks you receive along the way.

Note these all will be available in the Avengers Initiatve mode regardless - selecting that mode from the main menu simply skips all campaign missions and gives you their unlocks - but it might be useful to know if you're looking forward to a particular character or feature appearing as part of the story, especially as you're free to engage in side-activities as you go.

Though the campaign has a tease of the loot grind, repeatable missions and co-operative focus of the end-game, most missions are character specific, seeing you play as specific Avengers one at a time.

Several missions will also have a Power level requirement. In our experience, all were very close to our current level without having to do any additional grinding. If you are struggling, or prefer to get through the campaign quickly, then you are able to tweak the difficulty accordingly.

Finally, there are some story spoilers in the descriptions and unlocks lists below, and that several of the objective descriptions below are copied verbatim from the game.

I Want To Be An Avenger!Check in at the Avenger's Day front desk, find the five comic books, and enjoy the Avengers Day main event.N/A
The Light That FailedChase after the mercenaries on the bridge, and defeat Taskmaster.N/A
New NormalGet to Heroes Park in Jersey City and meet with the mysterious Tiny Dancer.N/A
The Road BackMeet the Inhuman Resistance, investigate the Command Deck, and restore power to the War Table.Gear, Skill Tree
To Find OlympiaHead to the Olympia Archive in the hopes of finding Jarvis.Gear boosting
One of Us / Hello Old Friend Chimera objectives; With Jarvis back on the Chimera, Kamala and Bruce hope to use him to find Tony Stark.Hero Challenge Cards, War Table
Missing LinksJarvis needs a new neural uplink, and Maria Hill thinks she's located one in an old SHIELD bunker.Harm Room challenges
The Harm RoomHarm Room Tutorial on the Chimera.Hulk Training HARM mission, Harm Challenge 1, Hulk's iconic mission chain
House CallKamala and Bruce head for the old Stark Manor, Golden Acres, to find Tony Stark.Iron Man
Challenge Accepted / Every Family Has a Home / Tools of the TradeChimera objectives; check on the initator cores and check on Kamala in her room.DIY Outfit for Kamala
Armor ChaseIn order to cobble together a better suit and help repair the Chimera, Tony must chase down some AIM equipment to salvage for parts.N/A
A Personal Upgrade / Clean OutChimera objectives; access the Fabrication Machine in the Technology Lab to acquire the Mark II Suit.N/A
Alone Against AIMTo get the Chimera's engines back online, Tony must infiltrate the lab and steal the necessary component.N/A
The Dogs of WarIn order for Tony to jump start the repulsers on the Chimera, Kamala and the Hulk must find special power cores found in large AIM mech units.N/A
The Ant HillExplore the Ant Hill.Ant Hill hub area, Inhuman Faction and Vendor, Ms. Marvel iconic mission chain
BreakoutThe Resistance has discovered an AIM Inhuman research facility in Venture Ridge, Wyoming. Dr Pym needs The Avengers to break into the facility and find evidence of AIM's wrongdoing.Major Artifacts gear slot
To Stand AloneKamala heads for AIM's prison facility to free her fellow inhumans.Black Widow, Black Widow iconic mission chain, Black Widow training
Interrogation Anxiety, Once an Avenger, DisassembleChimera story missions.None
Agony and the Ant HillAIM is on the brink of discovering the Ant Hill. Dr. Pym has a wild plan to complete an impossible weapon that will save them.N/A
Rocket ManRetrieve the Starboost suit from the Technology Lab's upper floor, and use it to visit the secret AIM lab location.Thor, Captain America
StarkTech OutfitsHarvest Energy Amplifiers from fallen Prime Synthoids (1 total), Harvest Optical Decoders from fallen Riotbots (2 total), Harvest Memory Chips from fallen Synthoids (20 total)N/A
Surveillance, Flying FortressChimera story missions.None
Mayhem Over ManhattanAIM forces are closing in on Inhumans hiding in New York. The Avengers must rescue them before it's too late.N/A
By Force Of MindFinal mission to stop AIM's plans; begins straight after Mayhem Over Manhattan ends.Tactigon Exotic Major Artefact, Out of the Shadows Shield Faction mission chain, A Global Offensive mission chain

Completing the campaign will see you unlock the Tactigon Exotic Major Artefact - a gear piece you can take into the end game that's not available anywhere else.

Marvel's Avengers campaign length: How long is Marvel's Avengers?

If you are focusing solely on completing the above missions, then the Marvel's Avengers campaign is around 10 to 11 hours long.

There is, however, much more to do beyond that. As shown above, several side objectives unlock as you go, from iconic missions to HARM training rooms, which you are welcome to complete along the way - or save once you are done with the story.

Also, once the campaign is complete, more mission chains become available, and a gear grind to get you to the level cap and various end-game activities.

New characters, including Kate Bishop, will be coming in the months after release.

And if that wasn't enough, there are plans for more Avengers characters to arrive in the months following release - starting with Kate Bishop in October.

Those familiar with games like Destiny know that completing the campaign is just the beginning - so between weekly activities and new content, there's always something to focus on to keep you busy.

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