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Mario movie advert leak reveals Peach for the first time

Cakes at the ready.

A leak of an advertisement for The Super Mario Bros. Movie reveals Princess Peach for the first time.

Last night, Nintendo showed a teaser trailer for the film, but Peach didn't feature at all.

But in McDonalds adverts - most of which have been removed from social media, confirming their legitimacy - Peach is present alongside Mario and Toad.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Super Mario Bros. Movie | Official Teaser Trailer
The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Official Teaser Trailer

The animated princess looks pretty accurate to her appearance in recent games. She will be voiced by Golden Globe winner Anya Taylor-Joy, known for Netflix drama The Queen's Gambit, as well as roles in The Witch, Split, and Peaky Blinders.

Let's hope her portrayal of the princess proves less controversial than Chris Pratt as Mario.

If you're yet to witness the trailer for yourself, you can take a look here.

This first glimpse begins with Jack Black's Bowser destroying the home of some defensive penguins before Mario himself stumbles into the Mushroom Kingdom, greeted by a frenzied Toad.

The film is expected to release on 7th April next year.