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Mario Maker 2's Link explained: How to get the Master Sword and play as the Zelda character

How to place the Master Sword and control Link.

Mario Maker 2's Link is a free addition to the game as part of December 2019's version 2.0 update.

With the introduction of the Master Sword in the Course Maker, collecting it transforms Mario into the Zelda character, allowing you to use a sword, throw bombs, fire arrows and dash.

How you get the Master Sword and control Link isn't immediately obvious, so we explain how it works on this page - as well as some early discoveries we've found so far in how Link can interact with your creations.

On this page:

How to get the Master Sword in Mario Maker 2

To play as Link, you first must place the Master Sword item within your level. First, make sure you have updated the game to the latest version, as the item was only introduced as part of the 2.0 update.

To get started, enter the Course Maker mode and select the Super Mario Bros. Game Style. This is the only place you'll find the Master Sword, as it's not supported in later Mario game themes.

Next, find the Super Mushroom. You can do this by selecting the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, then select Items, and you'll find it on the bottom right of the dial.

Now place the Super Mushroom somewhere within the level. Now it's placed, you have to change its type. You can do this by holding the A button, or tapping and holding it, depending on your preferred control scheme.

Select the Master Sword icon, and it'll now be available in your level.

Link controls in Mario Maker 2: How to throw bombs, dash and fire arrows

Once you get the Master Sword, Mario will automatically change into Link. From there, you can use a variety of new moves by doing the following:

  • A or B - Jump
  • X or Y - Sword
  • Down - Shield
  • L, R, LR or ZR - Bow and Arrow
  • Jump, down then A or B - Downward Sword
  • Down then hold X or Y - Dash
  • Up then hold X or Y - Bomb

What else do you need to know about Link in Mario Maker 2?

Once you have got your head around Link's controls, it's time to put him through his paces. Here's the basics of how Link can interact with other blocks and elements of the game:

  • Arrows can be used to collect Coins, could make for some interesting level designs if you place them just out of reach.
  • You can fire arrows in three directions - up, down and straight ahead - and whether you tap the button or hold it, the power you fire them remains the same.
  • The Sword cannot smash Blocks, but Bombs can.
  • Bombs will be on a timer and soon as you pull them out, so don't take too long in throwing them!
  • You can also only have one Bomb on the screen at a time. Once the active Bomb is destroyed, you can then pull out another.
  • Link will revert back to Mario when damaged.
  • Certain power-ups - such as the Super Mushroom - will override the Link ability and turn you back into Mario. Regular Mushrooms, however, will not.
  • Holding Y when moving will see Link run like Mario, allowing you to explore at speed.
  • Link cannot slide down ramps - but you can always Dash down hills to clear enemies instead!
  • Finally - as a little bonus, as soon as you get the Master Sword and become Link, the Zelda theme will play. There is also a unique end theme too when finishing the level.
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There's enough differences in the way Link plays that there's potential for all kinds of new level ideas. It would be worth exploring to see what's possible!

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