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Mama branches out to gardening

DS game to test soil in 2009.

Majesco has revealed plans to release a Gardening Mama game on DS next year. 505 Games is the European publisher.

The Cooking Mama team will be at the helm [hoe? - Ed], turning styluses into green-fingered tools that plant, nurture and harvest flowers and fruit in the garden.

Tasks range from growing seeds into adults to collecting harvests to make jam - or perhaps you want to grow a pumpkin for Halloween. Who knows what you're thinking?

There's multiplayer for up to four chums, either battling to breed the biggest harvest, or sharing crops in a Treasure Box area. Garden decoration's also on offer, and features hanging baskets and pergolas and so on.

Mama's togs can be swapped to make her look pretty or less manurey, and apparently the user interface can be tinkered with until it suits you.

Offensively bright and colourful gardening, then, which will likely be an enormous hit. That said, the Cooking Mama games haven't been that bad, as our Cooking Mama and Cooking Mama 2 DS reviews point out.