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MAG celebrates birthday with XP boost

Gameplay tweaks, stats also incoming.

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MAG developer Zipper Interactive has unveiled a series of one-off promotions to help celebrate the PlayStation 3 shooter's first birthday.

First up, between 26th January and 30th January, Zipper is "changing all in-game queue and 'Happy Hour' bonuses to 256 per cent", community manager Jeremy Dunham told the PlayStation Blog.

"If you've been meaning to level up to grab our various 'level 60' trophies, our promotional time period is a great time to go for it," he added.

Zipper also unveiled a special "Faction Neutral" switch for the Domination and Acquisition modes. Both modes will switch from being faction-specific to being open for defense by any of the game's three PMCs. Like the XP boost, the switch will be in operation from 26th January 26 to 30th January.

Not only that, but members of the Zipper Interactive QA team will be online all day on 26th January should you fancy testing your skills out on the studio's elite.

The developer will also be releasing a breakdown of MAG stats this week via the PlayStation Blog, should number crunching float your boat.

The ambitious 256-player FPS won a solid 7/10 from Eurogamer's Simon Parkin back at launch.

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