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The original Luigi's Mansion now has a 3DS release date

Back from the dead.

Nintendo may have unceremoniously slain Luigi in its most recent Smash Bros. Direct, but the put-upon plumber brother will be back alive in the upcoming 3DS port of Luigi's Mansion.

A handheld version of the GameCube classic, Luigi's Mansion for 3DS now has a release date: 19th October. Just in time for Halloween!

Apart from its portable size, the 3DS version of Luigi's Mansion otherwise looks faithful to the original, which was an overlooked gem in the GameCube's launch line-up. A bit of an oddity - and not the big Mario game some were wishing for - it still found a cult following and gained a 3DS sequel a couple of years back.

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Following Nintendo's recent killing of Luigi, fans speculated whether his offing (and that of Mario at the hands of Metroid foe Ridley at E3) was all part of a grand master plan. Either way, Eurogamer asked Nintendo for an official statement on Luigi's current status - dead or alive. Nintendo did not respond.

Poor Luigi.

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