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Lost Planet PC DLC mooted

Content and DX10 enhancements.

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The PC version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will be backed up by the release of "additional content and DirectX 10 enhancements available for download in the near future", Capcom said yesterday.

Capcom UK didn't have any additional information on what to expect, but said they would get back to us with more details as and when.

As you probably know, Lost Planet has been out on Xbox 360 since January, but its arrival on PC this Friday has been met with a fair degree of interest thanks to its support for Windows Vista and the new regime of graphical trickery installed by DirectX 10 - including the advanced features of Shader model 4.0 and Geometry Shader, for anyone who knows what any of that means.

Whether it will be enough to woo PC gamers with a long train of vanquished shooters behind them after its warm but still slightly frosty reception on Xbox 360 remains to be seen, but those intrigued by its technical bits and bobs can tuck into our Lost Planet demo DirectX 9 and 10 comparison feature to cool their heels while the last days tick down.

Or you could pop over to our Lost Planet: Extreme Condition PC gamepage, where you'll find trailers and screenshots, or indeed the Xbox 360 one, where you can read our review of the PC version's console counterpart.

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