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Lost Planet on PC

In Europe this June.

It seems Lost Planet may have finally been confirmed for release on PC, as fresh details seem to point to a European and American release in June.

The news appeared on Japanese game site Game Watch, which claimed to have direct confirmation of the title from Capcom and NVIDIA.

However, Capcom Europe was mysteriously unavailable for comment to us at the time of writing. Which is probably because it wasn't there and had gone home.

Lost Planet PC will be a Windows Vista title, making full use of the new DirectX 10 technology, according to Kotaku's translation of the announcement. It will also boast resolutions above and beyond that of the Xbox 360 version, reportedly going as high as 2560x1600.

It isn't yet known what other differences there will be, whether there's new content included, or if it will be playable online over Microsoft's new "Games for Windows - LIVE" initiative.

The news also slightly contradicts Capcom's recent claims that Lost Planet will remain an Xbox 360 exclusive, along side Dead Rising. And while it may still be unlikely that rival consoles will flaunt the game, it does give us renewed hope that the zombie battering adventures of Dead Rising will also make their way to desktops in the future.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was released for Xbox 360 earlier this year. It's a third-person shooter that takes place far in the future on an inhospitable and frozen alien planet, where humans can only survive by using thermal energy harvested from the native race of insect-like Akrid.

You play as Wayne, a young gun after vengeance on a particularly big and nasty Akrid that butchered his father. However, you'll soon find out that laying waste to hordes of overgrown bugs using mechanoids and futuristic weapons isn't the real solution, as the real enemy emerges.

Pop over to our Lost Planet: Extreme Condition review to find out more.

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