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Lost Planet maps on Thursday

Third pack, three new areas.

Capcom will be releasing three new maps for Lost Planet on Thursday.

The trio will be available on Xbox Live for 400 points.

The new areas are Lost Technology, which is inspired by the days of 8-bit gaming; Ruins - crumbling remains of ancient temples in Jungle terrain; and an enormous glacier called Ice Drop, riddled with plenty of hidey-holes to surprise your enemies from. Pop into our Lost Planet gallery for a closer look.

Capcom also mentioned it's working on a patch to address multiplayer connectivity that's expected to be available in July.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a third-person shooter already available on 360, and is due for PC release on 29th June. It puts you in control of a young buck called Wayne who inhabits a vast and frozen planet. You need to collect thermal energy, or "T-ENG", to survive, as you seek vengeance on an insect race responsible for killing your father. Your trump card is your ability to skilfully pilot Vital Suits, or Mechanoids, and you soon find out that your mission isn't as clear cut as it appears.

It was one of the big console releases at the beginning of the year and earned itself a hearty pat on the back from us. Pop over to our Lost Planet review to see why.

Alternatively pop over to our DX9 versus DX10 comparison feature, where we attempt to find out what's up the PC version's sleeve.