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Lost Planet 3 cover system, hookshot weapon revealed

And a giant enemy crab-scorpion boss.

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Icy alien world adventure Lost Planet 3 has had its cover system revealed by developer Capcom at Gamescom.

New gameplay footage also revealed a Legend of Zelda-style hookshot weapon for use when you are driving the game's mech vehicle. It can be used to kill enemies (including a giant enemy crab-scorpion boss) and access new areas of the game world while using it as a zipline.

Capcom demoed an on-foot section featuring a cave filled with flying fire-wasp beasties. Luckily, you can duck behind several handy waist-high walls and larger structures to aim over and around cover.

The creatures can catch you and hold you aloft until a button-mashing QTE occurs. You'll have to aim and shoot at the same time.

A glimpse at the game's wider story was also shown - you'll be investigating the presence of mysterious Lost-style "other people" on the planet.

The Gamescom Lost Planet 3 trailer.

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