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Looks like Destiny is finally getting more vault space

And raid bug fixes.

Bungie has outlined the ways it plans to change its first-person shooter Destiny with the next update, and it looks like players will, finally, get some of their most-requested features.

Not so stealth Destiny article.

In the game players have a certain number of vault slots in which to store items. There are 20 weapon slots, 20 armour slots and 20 item slots. This sounds like plenty, but given the vault is shared across all Guardians on a player's account, many of those who have multiple characters have already run out of space.

In the latest Bungie Weekly Update, the developer said increased vault space was a priority for update 1.1.2, which is due to be released ahead of the House of Wolves expansion.

"Vault Space - We know you need more space to collect all the treasures you gain from your missions, and more gear is on the way," Bungie said.

Elsewhere, fixes for Destiny's two raid encounters are in the works.

"There are times when Atheon and Crota can be uncooperative, so we're tackling their worst bugs," Bungie said.

Here are the other priorities for patch 1.1.2 that Bungie outlined:

  • Audio and Visual: Not everyone wants to see or hear a game the same way, which is why we're looking at providing more options.
  • PVP Ammunition: The Crucible team wants to change the way ammo crates dictate the flow of a battle.
  • Strikes: The numbers tell us that there are some missions that are successfully completed far less than others, inspiring us to look at why people quit.

Extra vault space and raid fixes have been a long time coming, and design lead M.E. Chung acknowledged Bungie had been on the slow side with updates.

"Our goal is to figure out what will result in the best experiences and make the most players happy," he said. "Every day, we have to think about how we allocate our time. Some plans can be surprisingly complicated to execute. At the end of the day, we want to continue to make the experience of playing Destiny better and deliver content to keep things fresh (and boy, do we wish we were faster). It's been a huge learning process for us, and we are committed to improving."

Bungie made no promises on when update 1.1.2. would be released, but it sounds like it's a case of weeks, rather than months. House of Wolves is rumoured to be set for release in May, so it can't be far away.

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