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Looks like Apex Legends is getting zombies for Halloween

Rising from the Crypto.

It's October now, which means I'm legally allowed to start writing about Halloween, and what better way to kick things off than with another Apex Legends leak? Or several, in fact.

A Halloween event was already on the cards for Apex - thanks, in part, to a GameStop conference leak showcasing a zombie skin for Gibraltar - along with actual confirmation of the event from Pathfinder's voice actor in a recent Dexerto interview. Apparently we can expect to see "some creepy, scary, kick-ass designs", but there appears to be more to it than just cosmetics.

First up, we already know the name of this Halloween event, and it's Fight or Fright. This one's on Respawn, as a badge for the event has already appeared in Apex's player loadout screen.

Meanwhile, dataminer Shrugtal has been hard at work gathering information about the event, and has found a number of interesting tidbits. The first of these was a sinister image of Wraith, along with the name of a map called Shadowfall. From the images and info datamined, it looks like the original King's Canyon map is getting a rework for Halloween, with an abandoned nighttime look and glowing Leviathans (the big dinos in the middle of the map).

It also looks like Shadowfall will come with its own event mode, which the files detail as a solo mode where fallen players become part of a zombie horde. There's a strong PvE element here, as the description in the game files states the last 10 players must join forces to survive while the zombie horde (Shadow Squad) tries to prevent their escape.

The mode appears to link to another leaked Apex Legends character called Revenant (code name Blackout), who has some announcer sound files as part of the event, and seems to be responsible for the terrifying version of King's Canyon. It's possible Respawn could be gradually teasing the character's introduction via this event, similar to the way Crypto was introduced ahead of season 3.

And, finally, there are indeed cosmetics: here's an image of some of the goodies that will be available as part of the event, which include a... clown skin for Caustic. Prepare for memes.

Well, that's all for now folks. At least there's plenty to do before the Halloween event is officially unveiled, such as riding the train around the new season 3 map. Glad they've been improving the infrastructure in the Apex Legends universe.

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