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Live to get next big overhaul at Xmas

Plus little updates throughout the year.

Aaron Greenberg has told Eurogamer there won't be another big update to Xbox Live until the end of the year.

However, the Microsoft exec said, the nature of the technology powering New Xbox Experience means it's easier to introduce new features - and we can expect to see plenty of smaller updates in the coming months.

"The great benefit of the design is that we're able to add new features, new channels and things like that pretty quickly. So yeah, you'll see us do more regular updates throughout the year," he said, speaking in an interview published today.

Does that mean no spring update, then? "We will definitely package some things together, but we haven't specifically committed to doing just two big updates," Greenberg stated.

"We want to add new features when they're ready. Then, for holiday perhaps, we'll do something big. But exactly how that will work remains to be seen.

"Primetime's going to be a significant update," he continued, referring to the new channel unveiled last year. "Others will be coming in the spring, but we won't necessarily have a day when the switch gets flipped."

In the same interview, Greenberg confirmed Microsoft has yet to reveal its full games offering for Christmas 2009.

"I can safely say that if you're an Xbox 360 owner today, you will end 2009 with a whole slew of new features, new content, new partners, new games that today you don't know about," he pledged.

Read the whole interview for the full banana.