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Live Brutal Legend Q&A today!

Tim Schafer on air from 4pm BST.

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Brutal Legend creator Tim Schafer will be answering your questions live on Eurogamer today, 2nd July, at 4pm (UK time).

Tim Schafer! Wow!

You'll be able to submit questions via a moderator to Mr Schafer, whose answers will appear magically on the same page. We'll start stockpiling questions an hour before the off.

Tim Schafer has pedigree. He spent over 10 years at LucasArts, where he and Dave Grossman did the bulk of the Monkey Island writing under Ron Gilbert's direction. Schafer and Grossman then went on to design Day of the Tentacle, before Schafer went solo on Full Throttle and the fantastic Grim Fandago.

(Dave Grossman is remaking Monkey Island as an episodic series for Telltale Games, by the way. We published an interview with him last week.)

Schafer left LucasArts to form Double Fine productions in 2000. First out of the stable gate was Psychonauts, which won Eurogamer's Game of the Year Award for 2005. Schafer and Double Fine's next project is Brutal Legend, hence the excitement.

Brutal Legend is an open-world action game that follows Eddie Riggs - the best roadie in the world - on his journey back to the fantastical Age of Metal: a world created from a thousand old metal albums and Schafer's life-long passion for rock. It's no wonder a project with such personality has attracted Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne and Tim Curry.

After a shaky start under publisher Vivendi (now Activision Blizzard), Brutal Legend now heads heads to a 16th October launch on PS3 and 360 courtesy of EA. And the silence has finally broken, as our April preview shows. We've seen plenty more screenshots and videos recently, too.

But there's still a long way to go, and still plenty we don't know. Until later, we hope.

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