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Lionhead teases Fable 1 HD remake for Xbox 360

UPDATE: Fable Anniversary is official and it's out this holiday.

Update: Xbox Live's Larry Hryb, he who styles himself Major Nelson, has announced the Fable 1 HD remake as Fable Anniversary. Lionhead's Ted Timmins, lead designer, joined him on his podcast to share details of the game.

Fable 1 has had an extensive makeover for Fable Anniversary by the sounds of it. Timmins said his team played through Fable 1 and came up with a list of things that should be better: the UI, loading times, controls. So they are.

Visuals are now 1080p with better textures, a new lighting system, new facial animation and new cut-scenes, which apparently look "absolutely incredible", but then he would say that. "The whole thing has been redone," Timmins assured Nelson.

There's a new save system that sounds like it uses some kind of checkpointing, and the content from the expanded PC version of the game - Fable: Lost Chapters - is included.

There are of course Achievements now as well. "We're doing something that's not been done before," said Timmins in a separate announcement. "Fable has always been about choices and consequences, so we're trying to put that into our Achievements."

Another key addition is SmartGlass integration, which allows you to call up a map of the world and take screenshots using a second touch-screen device. You may even be able to play pub games - "wait and see", said Timmins.

Fable Anniversary hasn't bolted on multiplayer because it would be just that: bolted on. But there are leaderboards now so you can compare chicken-kicking scores.

Finally, the when: "It will be coming out in holiday this year," said Timmins. "We don't have an exact date but it will be announced relatively soon." E3?

Oh, and Fable Anniversary is definitely an Xbox 360 game, not an Xbox One game.

Original story: Lionhead has teased a Fable 1 HD remake for Xbox 360.

In a just-published video, simply called Fable Teaser Trailer, Lionhead suggested it's about to announce the HD remake of the 2004 role-playing game.

"Here's a sneak peak at a little something we've been working on..." the UK studio said.

The character shown in the video is Jack of Blades, the main villain in Fable 1. At the end of the teaser is the Xbox 360 logo, suggesting the game will launch on that platform.

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