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Playground's Fable has a new narrative lead


Award-winning writer and narrative designer Anna Megill has taken over as narrative lead on Playground Games' Fable reboot.

Megill - who was previously lead writer for the project and is who we have to "thank" for those nightmareish puppets in Control - made the announcement on Twitter, saying she had some "exciting news to end the week".

Fable - Official Announce Trailer.

Megill's CV is an impressive one, featuring story-rich games such as Control - for which she was also narrative lead - Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and Ubisoft's upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Back in 2020, Microsoft described its plans for a Fable reboot as "a new beginning" for the fantasy franchise. Eurogamer first heard word of Playground's involvement with a new Fable back in 2018, years before it was made official.

Playground Games co-founder and studio director Gavin Raeburn recently left the company after 12 years. Raeburn co-founded the studio back in 2009 and helped grow into one of Microsoft's most important studios - home to the hugely-successful Forza Horizon series and now the next iteration of Fable.

"After 12 years working on five award-winning Forza Horizon games, Gavin Raeburn is leaving Playground Games as studio director," Alan Hartman, Microsoft CVP of Forza and Fable, said at the time.

"A founding member of Playground Games, we thank Gav for his leadership and contributions to the Forza franchise and wish him all the best. Co-founder Trevor Williams will transition from general manager to studio head effective immediately, as the Playground Games team focuses on updates to Forza Horizon 5 and the development of Fable."

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