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Life is Strange: True Colors has a Twitch crowd vote plug-in

Ask the audience.

Square Enix has released a crowd vote plug-in for Life is Strange: True Colors, which streamers can install now.

The Twitch extension can be customised so that viewers' choices for big decisions are automatically implemented, or simply to poll the audience without them actually making the final call.

Life is Strange: True Colors launches next Friday, 10th September, but Twitch streamers can install the add-on already to prepare for some of the game's tougher narrative choices.

Cover image for YouTube videoWho is Alex Chen? Life is Strange True Colors Interview + Gameplay

After what feels like a long wait, True Colors will mark a new era for Life is Strange with a fresh main character and new small town setting. It's being developed by Deck Nine, the studio behind the acclaimed Life is Strange prequel Before the Storm. A Nintendo Switch version will follow later this year.

This week, a protest by Twitch streamers designed to draw awareness to hate speech and coordinated attacks on the platform resulted in a dent to Twitch's daily viewer totals. Many big streamers took #ADayOffTwitch, which caused the platform's average peak viewership to dip by around a million viewers.