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Life is Strange developer opens North American studio

To create games "as close as possible to our community's expectations".

Life is Strange developer Dontnod has announced the opening of a new studio in Montreal.

This second branch will "complete" the original team in Paris and work on a "brand new project".

In a statement today regarding the new studio, Dontnod said this fresh North American office would allow the developer to be closer to the team's main audience.

Alongside Life is Strange, Dontnod has developed dark RPG Vampyr and sci-fi action game Remember Me. But its episodic American teen drama series remains its best known work.

The original Life is Strange debuted in 2015, while a spin-off prequel developed by US studio Deck Nine arrived in 2017. Dontnod returned for Life is Strange 2 in 2019, and is now working on the standalone Tell Me Why for Xbox, due sometime this summer.

We're yet to hear Dontnod's future plans for Life is Strange - or if Deck Nine will return to develop another entry.

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