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Life is Strange 2's first episode has a release date

Max excitement.

The first episode of Life is Strange 2 arrives on 27th September 2018 - that's just three months away.

It's actually titled Life is Strange 2, as well - to delineate it from Dontnod's original series and the excellent prequel spin-off Before the Storm.

Life is Strange 2 will comprise of five episodes. The teaser below shows the game's title being stitched onto a worn backpack. More details, a post on the game's Twitter says, will be revealed in August (likely Gamescom).

And that's all the clues we're given.

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But for more on the game, you won't have to wait much longer. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - a short standalone prequel focusing on the 10-year-old Chris, a character from the second season - arrives on Monday for free.

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Aoife got to play nearly half-an-hour of the episode back at E3 last week and came away suitably impressed.

"It feels odd to be in the Life is Strange universe playing as a 10 year old boy instead of a teenage girl, but it's also odd how well it works, tonally as well as gameplay-wise," Aoife wrote in our The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit preview.

"Life is Strange was all about snatching a moment, capturing a feeling in time. For Captain Spirit, it's those Saturday mornings that stretched on forever, in which you felt you could do anything or be anyone. It's a fresh perspective, but it taps into the same nostalgia."