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Let's play Battlefield 4

Watch a hearty chunk of Obliteration mode in action.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Did you make it to Gamescom last week? Ah, the smells, the meat and those four hour long queues. I almost wish I was back there now.

Swallow down a couple of sausages, place your nose deep in the pits of an overexcited German kid and watch this video and it'll be just like being back there yourself. There's no way to replicate the queue, though, so maybe you should just stare at this page for four hours before allowing yourself to press play on the video below.

Done? Good. What lies in wait is a hearty chunk of the new Obliteration mode on the Paracel map. It's worth noting that this was captured from one of the high-end PCs on the showfloor in Cologne.

Watch on YouTube

There'll be plenty more videos coming from last week's show, and if you want to get to them sharpish then head to Eurogamer's YouTube channel and throw one of your hand sausages towards the subscribe button.

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