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Lemmings Touch dropping onto PlayStation Vita

Leap in.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Classic puzzle platformer series Lemmings will march onto PlayStation Vita in the form of Lemmings Touch.

The title will (unsurprisingly) rely on touch controls to select a Lemming and then assign them a role, developer d3t Ltd told the EU PlayStation blog.

Lemmings Touch includes a raft of new levels and a toolbox of new items, such as cannons and trampolines, all controlled by a deft swipe or tap with your fingertips.

"There is also a twist," d3t's Jamie Campbell teased. "Not all Lemmings are quite what they seem. Stay tuned for future announcements when we'll reveal more." Spoilers: some of them are actually capybaras.

Your first look at Lemmings Touch in action lies below.

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