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LEGO Universe headed to consoles?

Not in development, but "on radar".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A LEGO Group executive has told MTV that the company is "definitely" interested in bringing its LEGO Universe MMO to consoles.

"I definitely see LEGO Universe coming to consoles," project lead Mark Hansen said. "We're still evaluating when it would be best to come out on console."

He agreed that it was "only a matter of time" until a console version appeared - but no conversion is currently under way at developer NetDevil. "We&'ve been working on the MMO for PC, and at the time we're not in console development for LEGO Universe," Hansen said.

"The thing is, we have it on our radar, and we're looking at it."

The brick-maker recently confirmed that the PC LEGO Universe won't be released this year, as originally planned.

Hansen also said that the game will most likely require a subscription fee to pay, but implied that at least some of the content will be free to access.

"I think it'll be a regular subscription fee, but as of right now what will be free, or free content to play, hasn't been decided yet," he said.

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