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LEGO Universe won't be out this year

Too much else going on, say brick-makers.

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The LEGO Group has confirmed what many suspected - LEGO Universe, the MMO game in development with US studio NetDevil, won't see the light of day this year.

"Previously scheduled for 2009, the launch of LEGO Universe has been delayed due to strategic optimisation within The LEGO Group," a spokesman told GameSpot.

It's all about making breathing-space for LEGO's other launches, according to the rep. "We are in a fortunate position of having many outstanding product launches scheduled for 2009, and have therefore made a decision to postpone the release of LEGO Universe."

Into next year? The LEGO Group won't say, declining to give a new release window for the MMO.

As we reported last year, LEGO Universe will blend traditional MMO gameplay with being able to build your own objects and structures in the game. And if you really like what you've made, you'll be able to order a real LEGO kit of it.

LEGO Universe will be on show at next month's Game Developers Conference, so we'll be sure to bring you more info then.

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