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Lego 2K Drive will have four season passes, but no time limits

Don't tyre yourself out.

Upcoming open-world racer Lego 2K Drive will be kept updated with four season passes over the next year, though you can unlock their rewards without time limits.

Each season pass also has a free and premium track, so you have fresh goals to aim for and cosmetics to unlock whether you pay, or not. And if you start off free, you can always upgrade later to instantly get all premium rewards up to that point.

Season 1 will begin in June, with a second to follow in autumn, a third in winter and a fourth in spring 2024. Each will host 100 levels.

Here's Lego 2K Drive in action.Watch on YouTube

As previously announced, the four season passes will be available as part of a single Year 1 Drive Pass, and this will also be available alongside the main game via its Awesome Edition and Awesome Rivals versions.

I played Lego 2K Drive last month, and found it a fun mix of Forza Horizon and Mario Kart. You can play it as an open-world game, with lots of challenges and races to find, or as a grand prix based kart racer. The whole thing is also multiplayer, so your friends can join locally or online from afar.

Lego 2K Drive's season pass model.

"Lego 2K Drive may not reinvent the wheel, but it's shaping up to be a slickly-made successor to the non-licensed Lego games of old," I wrote in Eurogamer's Lego 2K Drive hands-on.

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