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Leaker goes dark as Nintendo fans believe they've worked out how they obtain their insider information

Pyoro locks account as speculation grows.

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A noted Nintendo leaker has locked down their social media account after it emerged much of their information comes from information pre-seeded on Nintendo's web backend.

As reported by Bloomberg (via VGC), although prominent leaker Pyoro said they were "unsure how" their Nintendo of Japan insider "obtained their information", Pyoro said, "backend theory is a reasonable guess", suggesting either they or their source works on Nintendo's website.

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Since then, Pyoro – who was unusually taciturn about the recent Nintendo Direct, incorrectly stating that they didn't expect much to be shown – has locked down their X account after Bloomberg reported on them, speculating how they obtained their insider information.

Pyoro then took umbrage at Bloomberg's reporting, saying they didn't think their private DMs were going to be included in the article.

Interestingly, it seems Pyoro's assertions only come on games that have been added to Nintendo's backend, but not yet published publicly, especially as, at times, they've had access to things about unconfirmed games that weren't even made available on the eventual Nintendo Direct videos, such as pricing.

Given the corresponding webpages to this week's Direct games went live unusually late this time, it's possible Nintendo was aware of where Pyoro was obtaining their premature information and closed the loophole. At least, that's what some ResetEra posters posit.

"Every leak that Pyoro gave for the partners showcase could have been obtained via back-end access (Pentiment, Penny's Big Breakaway, Pocket Card Jokey, all stealth dropped, Endless Ocean, SMTV and Monkey Ball, all seemingly had a presence on Nintendo's Japanese website via links prior to launch)," opines dgamemaster.

Shortly after that post went live, Pyoro locked down their social media account, leading most to presume that dgamemaster's theory is at least partially correct.

It remains unknown if Nintendo also separately determined this was how Pyoro obtained their information, which is why the leaker was unable to make any substantive claims about last week's Nintendo Direct broadcast.

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