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League of Legends' animated series, Arcane, is getting a second season

"Where's a Hexgate when you need one?"

Season two of Riot's League of Legends cartoon spin-off, Arcane, is currently in production.

It'll likely come as no surprise given the series' appeal - the show has been well reviewed and its characters have seen a boost in popularity in the game itself - but it's great news for LoL fans to have the second series confirmed.

Cover image for YouTube videoArcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

"Ready yourselves, friends," riot teased via a tweet earlier today. "Season 2 of Arcane is now in production. Where's a Hexgate when you need one?"

However, it stopped short of confirming when the second season might get its premiere.

ICYMI, Riot Games celebrated the launch of its first animated series, Arcane, with Progress Days, a "phase" of its RiotX Arcane event. A month-long "experience", Progress Days is a holiday in the Arcane show where citizens of Piltover celebrate technological innovation.

Progress Days marks the time period between Arcane Act 1 and 2, during which the developer will release "new in-game content within Riot's titles".

"I am hooked on a frantically-paced origin story and cannot wait to see more of the same, applied to more of what I love, but the "good TV" fan feels otherwise," Chris wrote in Eurogamer's Arcane Act 1 review.

"Arcane, in its second and third acts, could benefit massively from just slowing down a bit, spending a bit more time with the small group of characters it has right now, relishing those characters as characters, as opposed to things that must be programmatically developed at break-neck speed. It's absolutely a thrill, full of welcome colour and life. But modern TV, the really good stuff, is all about the slow burn, after all. Which will only make that big, conclusive boom that the likes of Jinx so long for feel even better."